Partnership on Culture/Cultural Heritage
Partnership on Culture/ Cultural Heritage

Partnership on Culture/Cultural Heritage publishes final action plan

The Urban Agenda for the EU‘s Partnership on Culture/Cultural Heritage has published its final action plan.

The Partnership aims to: “enable municipalities, Member States, EU institutions and interest groups, NGOs and partners from the industry to work together on an equal footing to find solutions that improve the management of the historic built environment of European cities, promote culture, and preserve the quality of urban landscapes and heritage”.

The eleven actions in the Partnership’s final action plan are:

  1. Regulating phenomena of sharing economy  
  2. Street invasion, atomisation and cultural reactivation
  3. Cultural Hubs for Innovation, Modernisation and Enhancement (CHIME)
  4. Collaborative management to adapt and reuse spaces and buildings for cultural and social innovative development
  5. Raise awareness for public libraries and their new tasks on a European and national level
  6. Strategic plan for the culture enhancement in urban framework  
  7. Data collection and smart use applied to the management of tourist flows
  8. Guiding principles for resilience and integrated approaches in risk and heritage management in European cities
  9. Observatory on culture/cultural heritage and climate change in the urban framework
  10. Integrated approaches to dissonant heritage
  11. Local cultural services fostering social inclusion: Identification of cities’ research needs and peer learning

Read the final action plan here.

Source: Partnership on Culture/Cultural Heritage.

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