Parallel Traces

Parallel Traces: EU-funded Jewish heritage project promotes awareness through digital art

A new European initiative aims to promote Jewish Heritage in the continent through modern digital art. The project aims to rediscover traces of Jewish cultural heritage in urban architecture as an integral part of European history and to raise awareness and respect amongst different cultures through different mechanisms. It is co-funded by the European Union within the framework of the Creative Europe program.

The project will feature both guest artists and a competition aimed to allow young or less well-known artist a chance to bring their work to the attention of the broad public.

Read the full article at Jewish Heritage Europe.

Read an interview with Rosa Juanco, Artistic Director of Parallel Traces here.

“Most exhibitions and projects around the Jews and Judaism deal, understandingly enough, with immigration, persecution and the Holocaust. However, in doing so we lose sight of the most positive and inclusive aspects of their culture, and push far away from Europe’s present such a rich past. Parallel Traces’s goal is to emphasise a new way of seeing, a new lens as it were, on how the Jewish heritage is part of our common home, Europe.

Rosa Juanco, Artistic Director of Parallel Traces