New Jewish Cemetery, Rhodes, Greece
New Jewish Cemetery, Rhodes, Greece Image: ESJF Team (YouTube)

New website provides database of 1500 Jewish cemeteries

The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) has launched an online database with over 1.500 Jewish cemeteries in five European countries: Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Next to basic information, the website provides information about the status and any threats, gathered through surveys during this and the next year. As such, the website acts as a tool to helpt conservationists with their work and priorities.

Next to the threat assessment, each entry includes aerial imagery, historical data, geographical information and information on the research methodology.

The surveys, the mapping process and the website are co-funded by the EU.

Protecting the Jewish cemeteries of Europe
The website can be found here.

The full article covering the news about the project can be found on the wesite of Jewish Heritage Europe.