New network of young heritage professionals emerges after UNESCO project

Zadar, Croatia
Zadar, Croatia Image: Marco Verch (Flickr) CC BY SA 2.0

After the forum for young heritage professionals in Zadar, Croatia, one of the lasting outcomes is a network, created by the 28 young professionals who attended the forum. “As a new generation of professionals and Cultural Heritage Messengers, they bonded over a common vision for heritage, in which tangible and intangible heritage are inextricably linked and the active participation of local communities is indispensable for their protection and safeguarding.

The members of the network can act as Cultural Heritage Messengers in their own countries and communities and spread the word about the strong potential of heritage to drive positive social change. As messengers, the young practitioners will actively raise awareness about the importance of caring for and transmitting our shared heritage.

European Young Heritage Professionals Forum
The European Young Heritage Professionals Forum took place in Zadar, Croatia, from 20 to 24 May 2019. It proposed an innovative approach to cultural heritage by addressing tangible and intangible cultural heritage in tandem and exploring synergies and challenges of their safeguarding in the European context.

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