New Digital Platform “ECRspeak: Early Voices” Launched to Empower Early Career Researchers in Heritage Studies

The Association of Critical Heritage Studies’ Early Careers Researchers Network has recently announced the launch of “ECRspeak: Early Voices,” a dynamic new digital space dedicated to encouraging critical heritage discussions among early career researchers.

The initiative recognizes the limited platforms available for emerging researchers to express their views and engage with pressing heritage issues. Traditional academic journals, while crucial, can sometimes pose barriers due to their rigorousness and lengthy publication cycles. ECRspeak: Early Voices seeks to break these barriers, providing a more accessible and responsive platform.

Originating as a segment in the network’s monthly newsletter, the blog has already spotlighted critical reflections and innovative research on themes like contested pasts, difficult heritage, and decolonization. The 2023 Heritage Justice II Symposium, featuring research from ECRs across the globe, exemplifies the kind of pioneering work the blog aims to showcase.

Looking ahead, the platform intends to foster wider connections with other early career groups worldwide. It will also invite contributions on various projects, initiatives, and exhibitions to stimulate critical reflection and highlight diverse roles in the heritage field. The blog’s flexible format is designed to appeal to a broad audience, including those outside traditional heritage studies.

Content will be updated regularly. Every submission will be reviewed by the editors and at least one other ECR peer familiar with the subject before approval and publication.. This new platform promises to be a step forward in democratizing heritage studies and amplifying the voices of the next generation of researchers.

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