Manifesto 'Culture for the Future'
Manifesto 'Culture for the Future'

Manifesto ‘Culture for the Future’

On 16 and 17 June, 400 experts and professionals from around the world gathered in Brussels at the colloquium ‘Culture for the Future’. The colloquium has resulted in the manifesto ‘Culture for the Future: A vision on creativity, innovation and dialogue for sustainable development’.

The manifesto includes ten recommendations. Artists, the private sector, civil society, financial institutions, governments, international organisations and donors, including EU institutions and EU member states, should:

1. Create an enabling environment for culture and creative sectors
2. Strengthen professionalisation and knowledge management
3. Access to financing for the culture and creative sectors
4. Increase access to markets
5. Support the mobility of artists and cultural entrepreneurs
6. Promote culture and cultural heritage as the foundation for dialogue, mutual respect and peace
7. Leave no one behind
8. Create an enabling environment for culture in the digital era
9. Invest in education for culture for all ages
10. Integrate culture in funding for sustainable development

Download the manifesto at EUNIC.

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