Joint research project: Museums and the web at the times of COVID-19

Mona Lisa with face mask
Mona Lisa with face mask. Image: Cottonbro Pexels Canva CC0

The joint research project ‘Museums and the web at times of COVID-19: In search of lasting museological innovations during the pandemic’ has published a report.

The project aims to: “carry out an overview of new initiatives and emerging trends in the museum sector – with a specific focus on the use of the web – as online tools are already changing the way museums orient themselves to society and the user’s perception of these initiatives.”

Hazal Sahin further explains: “The project aims at identifying what will remain after the end of the pandemic as a result of experiments carried out in the context of the emergency.”


Massimo Negri and Dirk Houtgraaf conclude:

“The lock-down – experienced as it happened almost overnight – has ravaged the heritage and culture sector, because the sector was and is dependent on larger number of actual visitors. Most museums were shocked, but soon tried to come up with new initiatives. Though mostly born out of panic, some are innovations and/or worthy extensions and to stay. To put it in a broader perspective: the corona crisis has been and will continue to be an accelerator in the adoption of new practices in most sectors of social and economic life.”

Joint research project

The report is the result of a joint research project by:

  • Museology and Museography of Industrial Heritage course Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Techniques, Heritage, Territories of Industry TPTI, University of Padova (IT) Department of Historical and Geographical Sciences 
  • Ancient World – DiSSGeA
  • European Museum Academy Foundation, The Hague (NL)

Read the report here.

Source: European Museum Academy Foundation.

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