How 3D printing is transforming our relationship with cultural heritage

3D printing technology
3D printing technology Image: Kārlis Dambrāns (Flickr)

The technology of 3D printing has advanced at such a pace that the technique has become a fairly common sight in the last few years. However, one field where 3D printing is starting to make a lasting appearance has been that of museums and other cultural institutions.

Myrsini Samaroudi and Karina Rodriguez Echavarria from the university of Brighton explore the world of 3D printing, some intriguing recent examples and some possible applications for cultural institions in the future.

The authors show that 3D printing allows museums to present their artifacts in new ways. It removes the elements of fragility and unicity from the historical objects which allows them to be taken out of the protective glass casings for a much better experience for the public.

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