Port of Ancona, Italy
Port of Ancona, Italy Image: Giacomus (wikimedia)

Heritage of 8 Adriatic Sea ports to be promoted in joint project

Italy and Croatia have launched a joint project called “Remember” in order to restore and promote the cultural heritage value of the Adriatic coastal area and the eight ports bording the Adriatic sea. The project aims to safeguard both tangible and intangible heritage and is funded by the Italy-Croatia European cooperation program, with a total budget of 2.8 million.

The name of the project is an acronym, which stands for “REstoring the MEmory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime culture to foster Balanced tERritorial growth”. The project aims to install and promote tourist routes and interventions to promote the historical and monumental heritage and will target cruise lines as a primary target.  An example is the implementation of a virtual museum in each of the ports.

Eght ports around the Adriatic Sea
The project was launched this month at the National Archaeological Museum of the Marche Region in Ancona, Italy. Other participating ports are Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, Fiume, Zara, Spalato and Dubrovnik.

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