Have a look at 8 EU projects that conserve our cultural heritage

Basilica of Norsia, Italy. Image: EU 2017
Basilica of Norsia, Italy. Image: EU 2017

The European Commission offers a glimpse of 8 projects across Europe that conserve our tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The projects discussed are:

  1. Restoration of the Basilica of Norcia: Rebuilding the Basilica of Norcia, Italy following the 2016 earthquake
  2. Margullar: Promoting the underwater cultural heritage in Macaronesia
  3. SOS: Restoring Serbia’s and Croatia’s joint secession heritage
  4. Nordic Resource centre: Promoting Sámi languages in Norway, Sweden and Finland
  5. InduCult2.0: Discovering industrial culture in Central Europe
  6. PERAK: Promoting performance art to a wider audience in Berlin
  7. Come In!: Making museums more accessible in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and Poland
  8. Slavic Monsters: Bringing Slavic mythology to life by a mobile game in Poland

Read the full article on the European Commission website.