Future for Religious Heritage: Church reuse

reuse church religious heritage
Church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias reused as skatepark Image: sik-life (Pixabay)

Secularization and pluralization do not only have consequences for believers and theologians when they consider how to communicate their faith to or how to acquire understanding from non-believers for their religious point of viewing things. It also has consequences for the way in which church buildings are treated and looked upon. Kim de Wildt and Robert J.J.M. Plum discuss the practice of reuse for churches in Europe in their article on Future for Religious Heritage.

These societal phenomena cause Christian denominations as well as society to rethink the meaning, purpose and future not only of religious worldviews or religious language- games, but even more – since the fact of their existence cannot be denied that easily – of church buildings.

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