First pan-European survey for family-owned historical houses

Burg Clam Clam Martinic
Burg Clam, Austria (Clam Martinic family) Image: Schneider (

A study, commissioned by the EU Commission seeks to identify and measure the importance of historical houses in Europe. The authors of the study aim to identify and analyse innovative business models which help to maintain these unique homes. The survey has closed, after a total of 1517 owners from all over Europe have participated. The results of the survey will be presented at the Heritage Houses for Europe conference in Brussels in September.

The Survey
Family-owned heritage houses are a treasure chest full of European culture and exemplify the notion of European heritage. They are a dynamic sector providing quality jobs and smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. They bring social and environmental benefits to European citizens.

The aim of the study is to:

  • measure the importance of historical houses
  • analyze innovative business models
  • create tools that can support the owners in the sustainable preservation of the cultural heritage
  • create awareness of the area
  • issue recommendations to the EU institutions that can release the potential of the sector

To read more, head over to It is no longer possible to partake in the survey.

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