Europe’s next €1 billion research initiatives: Time Machine makes it to final round

Time Machine
Time Machine

The European Commision has selected six research initiatives to compete to become one of its next FET Flagships. The shortlisted initiatives include the project Time Machine, which aims to build a Large Scale Historical Simulator mapping 200 years of European history.

On 1 March, each shortlisted intiative will receive 1 million euros to develop a feasibility proposal. Up to three will be chosen to become fully fledged initiatives to launch in 2021. FET Flagships are expected to run for about 10 years, with a total budget of around 1 billion euros.

The selection of Time Machine was a welcome surprise, says Frédéric Kaplan, one of the principal investigators on the project. “As a project in cultural heritage, we were an outsider. It is a great victory to get this far.”

Read the full article at Nature. For more information about the FET Flagships programme and the Time Machine project, see the European Commission’s website and the Time Machine’s website.

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