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Europeana Newspapers collection on Europeana Collections - Europeana Foundation July 2019 Europeana Foundation The Netherlands CC BY-SA 1.0

The new Europeana Newspapers collection gives access to hundreds of newspaper titles and millions of historical newspaper pages from different European countries. The content that these newspapers cover is very broad and often very revealing about the trends and mindsets of the societies back then, as introduced by Clemens Neudecker, project coordinator of Europeana Newspaper.

There are already a number of research projects that work with the Europeana Newspapers collection data in various ways, from text analysis to image-based methods or the study of historical stock market indices. But historical newspapers are also a very interesting source for creative coders, citizen scientists or genealogists or just anybody interested in the many details of life in the past.

The momentum for digitised historical newspapers is enormous and still growing in Europe. Several European countries are developing their own newspaper portals. Europeana Newspaper also has the plan to include more of these dispersed newspaper collections in its database and further improve its own functionality in the future.

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