European Commission launches competence centre on the digital conservation of cultural heritage: 4CH

Digitisation. Image: Pixabay Geralt CC0

On 4 January 2020, the European Commission launched a competence centre on the digital conservation of cultural heritage. The 4CH project will receive up to €3 million from the Horizon 2020 programme over a period of three years.

The 4CH project aims to:

“Set up the methodological, procedural, and organizational framework of a competence centre able to seamlessly work with a network of national, regional, and local cultural institutions, providing them with advice, support, and services focused on the preservation and conservation of historical monuments and sites.”

The key objectives are to:

  1. “Establish the methodological framework for the competence centre focusing on advanced digitisation for preservation and conservation of monuments and sites;
  2. Design and implement a platform for the competence centre to support the collaboration among European cultural heritage institutions;
  3. Increase and enhance the digitisation of cultural heritage to support conservation;
  4. Develop best practices to make full use of cultural heritage data for the benefit of the cultural heritage sector and in other domains;
  5. Define the operational, financial and legal conditions for the creation of the competence centre for its future sustainability.”

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Italy coordinates the team of 19 beneficiaries from 11 EU Member States, Switzerland and Moldova. 

For more information about the competence centre, visit the 4CH website.

Sources: press release by the European Commission, news article by the European Commission, 4CH website.

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