A kék szoba from Szekeres Emil
A kék szoba from Szekeres Emil Image: Europeana CC0

European Commission awards more than €900.000 to 2 new Europeana Generic Services projects

The European Commission awards more than €900.000 to two new Europeana Generic Services projects: Europeana Sport and the Art of Reading in the Middle Ages (ARMA).

Europeana Generic Service projects support cultural heritage institutions with their digital transformation and aim to increase the amount of high-quality content and metadata provided to Europeana.

Europeana Sport aims to increase the amount of high-quality content and metadata accessible under the Europeana Sport collection. The project will deliver almost 24,000 new digital objects relating to sporting heritage and improve more than 5,000 objects already available on  Europeana. 

Kvinne og mann på ski i snødekt landskap from Solveig Lund Image: Europeana CC0

ARMA aims to show how medieval reading culture evolved and became a fundamental aspect of European culture. The project will deliver 20,000 records of medieval manuscripts created between the years c. 500 and c. 1500 to Europeana.

Volvelle from BL Sloane Image: Europeana CC0

Europeana Foundation is a beneficiary in the two projects, joining project partners from eleven European countries. Milena Popova, Programme and Business Development Manager, says:

“Both Europeana Sport and ARMA have a unique content focus and envisage robust audience engagement approaches, from participatory events on sporting heritage to memorable educational experiences with medieval culture. We are looking forward to working with the project partners to deliver even more appealing and interactive digital cultural experiences for European and global audiences.”

The two projects will start on 1 October 2020 and run until early 2022. 

Source: Eurhttps://pro.europeana.eu/post/european-commission-awards-more-than-900-000-to-two-new-europeana-generic-services-projectsopeana.

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