EU-funded project launches HISCAP network: Historic Cities Against Plastic Waste

Plastic bottle
Plastic bottle Image: Jasmin_Sessler Pixabay CC0

The amount of plastic waste is increasing worldwide. Many European cities are already seeking and developing sustainable approaches to solve the plastic waste problem. In order to exchange ideas and best practices, the Horizon 2020-funded BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE project has launched the HISCAP network: Historic Cities Against Plastic Waste.

The HISCAP network focuses on cities that are characterised by cultural heritage. In virtual meetings, participants can benefit from the latest approaches to plastic waste prevention. In addition, cities can use the HISCAP network to present their own lessons learned. The first virtual meeting will take place on 17 September.

For more information about the HISPAC network and the first virtual meeting, visit the BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE website. Here you can also join the HISCAP network and register for the first virtual meeting.

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