European Commission noted this event.
European Commission noted this event. Image: CC0

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel: ‘We must preserve our cultural heritage as a pillar in a world full of challenges’

As Mariya Gabriel takes charge as the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, The Mayor interviews her on her vision and goals and challenges of the role.

She underlines the need to preserve our cultural heritage as a pillar in an increasingly unpredictable world. She recognises culture and cultural heritage as the cornerstones of European integration and are an essential resources for Europe. She also suggests that cultural heritage can be a channel for global partnerships. As for her goal for research, she presses for a bigger and better Erasmus+ programme and further development of European Solidarity Corps and DiscoverEU. As the previous Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, she wants to work towards preparing Europe for the Digital Age and enabling researchers, innovators and businesses to transition to the digital mode for the benefit of the society. She expects cooperation from other institutions, EU countries and universities through increased participation and teamwork.

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