EFFORTS presents second European Fortress Day in September

Fort Vauban, France
Fort Vauban, France Image: PublicDomainPictures / 17913 images (Pixabay)

The first information for the second edition of the European Fortress Day is out. Owners and users of forts and fortications from anywhere on the continent are called upon to take preparations for their participation on the day. Or actually, ‘Days’ is more appropriate, as the Fortress Days are linked to the national Heritage Days, which are held at different moments in September.

All EFFORTS members are invited to open their site(s) on the specific day in September and participate.

European Fortress Day

The European Fortress Day was initated in 2018, during the European Year of cultural Heritage, in order to present Europe’s forts and fortifications to a larger European public. It is formed as a new yearly Europe-wide event.

The initiative for the day was taken by EFFORTS, the European Federation of Fortified Sites and defence lines, and the Dutch foundation Stichting Liniebreed Ondernemen together with international partners. During the first edition in 2018, 69 fortresses in 9 countries participated, of which all pledged to continue their participation this year.

How can you participate in European Fortress Day?

  • PAY your EFFORTS MEMBERSHIP FEE for 2019 (www.efforts-europe/membership/). From this year on, only EFFORTS Members can participate.
  • OPEN YOUR SITE TO THE PUBLIC You are doing this anyway probably and organize a EUROPElinked action.
  • LOAD THE COMMUNITY Feed the ‘Linie’ community (for Dutch members of SLO) or the EFFORTS community (by sending photos to info@efforts-europe.eu). We will make sure that your activity is highlighted at the international website of European Fortress Day.
  • USE THE LOGO Insert the European Fortress Day logo in all communication material, like the EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS. This is free publicity and it is a fitting connection to the European fortress theme. Make an online flyer and present your activity in the online media. And of course, you can put up a banner on your website to highlight your European involvement. The logo can be downloaded from 1 June on via www.liniebreed.nl or via www.effortseurope.eu
  • SEND IN PHOTO MATERIAL FOR A SHORT PAN-EUROPEAN FILM – In order to make a connection between the European fortress and fortified cities and sites, we are making a short film with slides. This will enable us to present European fortifications to each other and the public. We need therefore high quality images (min. 300 DPI) and a short description of the venue and your Europe-oriented activity. Dutch members of SLO can send their material to Liniebreed Ondernemen. We can only use your photos and texts if all material carries your site information.
  • USE THE HASHTAGS #europeanfortressday #effortseurope

For more information visit: forten.nl/european-fortress-day/

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