Hamburg Historial Centre. Image: Pixabay, Pixabay license.

Cities at a crossroads: outcomes from EUROCITIES Annual Conference 2019

400 urban experts gathered in Prague for the EUROCITIES Annual Conference 2019. Focussed on ‘cities at a crossroads’, the conference reflected on the new political landscape at EU level, as well as the changing landscapes in our own cities. 

A central element of the conference were the plenary debate sessions, focussing on four topics:

  • Renewing the city – making cities today great places to live, work and play – in a sustainable way
  • Tourists everywhere – caught between the benefits tourism brings and the problems it creates
  • Our digital future – combining the power of data and the power od people whilst protecting personal rights
  • A changing society – managing a changing political environment and empowering citizens in making decisions about their communities

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