3D modelling will document Europe’s cultural heritage

Inception Project
Inception Project

A new project, called Inception and led by the Ferrara University in Italy aims to use innovative 3D modelling technology to enhance the understanding of our architectural and cultural history. The project involves projects in a total of 11 EU states, selected as culturally important sites. These sites will be documented in 3D and 360 degree surveys.

The project aims to improve how some of Europe’s heritage is documented and to develop an architectural and cultural heritage data base using vastly improved 3D imaging which everyone from researchers and institutions to tourists will be able to access.

In Italy, it’s the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence, in Greece it’s the national museum in Hydra; in Spain it’s the Torrelobatón Castle in Valladolid; in The Netherlands it’s the church of Obergum in Groningen and in Croatia it’s the Cultural Heritage Municipality of Unešić and the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb.

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Read more about the project at their website: https://www.inception-project.eu/en

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