New energy-friendly led-lights: ‘the whispering lights of Tallinn’

Some of Tallinn's medieval buildings with their new lighting. Image: Vaata Vanalinna website.

Tallinn’s cultural heritage is literally being highlighted: 40 historical landmarks in the city have been given new lighting installations. These new lights are meant to be more welcoming and more energy-efficient.

The new lighting is part of a project called Vaata Vanalinna, or ‘See the Old Town’. Tallinn’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its many medieval buildings. The lights are specifically made to show off the structure of these ancient buildings. According to the project’s website:

“The lighting architects have set the light intensity, angles, and levels to highlight the original character of the Old Town. The lighting gives an authentic appearance to many of the places in the Old Town by highlighting their interesting history and casting light and shadows on details that have been moulded by history.”

The project also comes with audio guided walking tours through the Old Town so that people can explore Tallinn’s old buildings even better. In total, about 600 LED-light fixtures were installed. The lights have a warmer tone than previous installations, and also save twenty times more energy. You can watch a video about the project here:

Source: The Mayor, Vaata Vanalinna website

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