100 Viking swords found in Estonia are the largest discovery to date

Viking weapons and warfare equipment has inspired many movies due to its majesty.
Viking weapons and warfare equipment has inspired many movies due to its majesty. Image: Søren Niedziella Wikimedia CC0

 The northern coast of Estonia is believed to have been a part of an important Viking trade. Permanent Viking settlements haven’t been found in the area, but evidence of forts and trading posts has. The region does not show any evidence of permanent Viking settlements but the forts and trading posts indicate a Viking trail through Estonia.

Outside of Scandinavia, the region for the biggest archaeological finds for Viking artefacts is the Baltic region, especially Estonia. In 2018, a large hoard of sword fragments was found and it continues to be the largest Viking discovery in Estonia. Spearheads were found along with swords, everything has been dated to the mid-900s AD.

The finds were spread across two archaeological sites in close vicinity from one another. In ancient times, the region was called Revala. In present times, the region houses the Estonian capital Tallinn.

These sword fragments are believed to be grave markers. They were broken into pieces because it was a tradition to put broken and unusable weapons into the grave markers.

The position of these grave markers along the coast line and lack of artefacts in the further inland regions indicate that Estonia was a part of the Viking Transit Trail.

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