Castle route promotes shared heritage of Germany and Denmark

Part of the gardens of Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig. Image: Florian-Zet (Wikimedia), CC BY-SA 3.0

Interreg Europe is an organisation that supports cooperation between European countries. One of the projects sponsored by Interreg is one that connects Germany with Denmark. As a part of this project, a cross-border castle and garden route is being developed.

Flowers build bridges

The project is called ‘Blumen bauen Brücken – Blomster bygger Broer’, or ‘Flowers build Bridges’. Specifically, this project is focused on the region of Schleswig-Holstein, the ‘borderlands’ between Germany and Denmark. The two former duchies have historically switched between Germany, Denmark and independence, but since 1920 the northern part of Schleswig belongs to Denmark, while the rest is in Germany.

With this project, that runs until 2022, organisers hope to make more people enthusiastic about the shared cultural heritage of Denmark and Germany and the sights the region has to offer. The finished (digital) tour could include podcasts, short films and more.

Sources: Der Nordschleswiger (German), Interreg Deutschland-Danmark (English).

This article was brought to our attention by European Heritage Youth Ambassador Jennifer Marie Wenzler.

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