Danish proposal for heritage lottery after French model

Church of Ringe, Denmark
Church of Ringe, Denmark Image: Hubertus45 (wikimedia)

Two Danish political parties have proposed to introduce a lottery to raise funds to preserve cultural heritage in the country. The lottery would be modeled after the succesful French project ‘Mission Patrimoine‘, which is running it’s second consecutive year and had raised a total of €40 million in its first run.

Mission Patrimoine
The French lottery, which where participants contribute to the fund by buyin scratch tickets proved itself very popular. Contributing to the success of the project were the facts that it was initiated and promoted by the popular French personality Stéphane Bern and that the public was allowed to vote on the subsidiaries.

Last year’s edition raised more than 40 million euros which was distributed to 269 monuments.

Read more (in Danish) at Jyllands-Posten.

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