Interior of Prague’s National Museum is now on Google’s Street View

Some parts of the National Museum were shot at night so virtual visitors can see what this dominant feature of Wenceslas Square looks like after dusk.
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Visit the National Museum at Prague without the hassle of waiting in lines or even physically visiting the national monument! This initiative comes as a part of celebrations of 15 years of Google Maps.

“….the aim of the National Museum is to make our cultural heritage accessible to the largest possible number of people, especially the youngest,” Michal Lukes, Director General of the National Museum, said in a press release.

The special features of the Street View of the interior of the National Museum includes numbers which works like an elevator to visit different levels, ‘x’ mark for navigation and view of some areas which have not been opened to the public yet. The museum was reopened in 2018 after being closed since 2011 for restoration. The historical building was built in 1891.

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