Next step in EU project to help restore and improve UNESCO-protected Split

Image: LBM1948 via Wikimedia Commons CC-BY SA 4.0

As part of the EU project “Palace of life – City of changes”, a project to help restore and Improve UNESCO-protected Split, the archaeological research at the Old Town Hall in Split will begin at the end of this week.

The neo-Gothic Old Town Hall building in the Split Pjaca will undergo a complete transformation. Renovations will be carried out on the floors, all floor structures, and the roof.

On the ground floor, the reception area, souvenir shop, control room, and toilets will be located along the existing loggia and the exhibition area, and all the facilities mentioned above will occupy a quarter of the space, while the rest will be used for exhibiting.

The north side of Old Town Hall will provide access for people with disabilities, up to the ground floor level by a ramp, and access to the second floor by elevator.

The first and second floors will have microclimate control when needed so that the most sensitive exhibits can be exposed,” says Jelavić Mitrović, adding that there will be automatic glass doors on the floors that provide stable microclimate conditions.

The panels will be able to change colour depending on the exhibition,” notes the designer, pointing out that the panels will be able to be placed freely in the space, but also against the wall using a special suspension system to create a continuous exhibition surface.

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