“I invite all our European friends to pay us a visit in Rijeka during 2020”

Rijeka, Croatia. Image: paulinas, Pixabay license.

For Mayor Obersnel of Rijeka, Croatia, next year will be a very exciting year. His city has been selected as the ‘Cultural Capital of Europe’ for 2020. In an interview with Mayor.eu, Mayor Obersnel looks ahead at an exciting opportunity for his city.

Mayor Obersnel, 2020 will be a very exciting year for you as mayor and for the citizens of Rijeka. More joy or more responsibility carries the title “European Capital ofCulture”?            

“I would say these two are inseparable. Naturally, we are both proud and joyful. However, there’s considerable responsibility in regard to managing the entire project. Presently we are in a period of presenting the culture and arts programmes through which we shall be carrying the title of European Capital of Culture in 2020. Also, we are currently finalizing the construction and renovation of industrial heritage buildings that will become the new homes for our cultural institutions, which is another part of this project.”

The motto of the program is “Port of Diversity”. What is the message you want to spread across Europe and the world?

“Rijeka is a symbol of the spirit of freedom and progressive ideas, a dynamic city where everyone is always welcome. Its geographic location historically exposed it Mediterranean, Mitte European and East European influences, and hence it came to resemble a miniature Europe. Furthermore, during the last hundred years our city has been developing under as much as seven different states.”

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