Croatian designers revive ancient Roman city with 3D images

Wandering around ancient Salona in 3D you will surely encounter the impressive eastern city gate. Image: Stipan Ujdur

Two 3D designers from Croatia have recreated parts of the ancient city of Salona in 3D. Stipan Ujdur and Frane Bilić designed several sites in the former capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia in 3D. So far, the duo made five scenes from a total of 12 to 14.

While Ujdur creates the 3D models, video animation, VR, and photo rendering, Bilić will program the final visualizations in his ‘MediaUp’ studio. “The project is very demanding”, Ujdur stated according to local news portal Dalmacija danas. “It’s difficult because Salona was a large city, but very little research has been done there. That’s why we will use only explored locations in the scenes.”

Researched locations

Since scientist researched several locations, it is possible to model them in a 3D format. “I hope no one will blame me for some inaccuracies or copyright infringement”, Ujdur added. He hopes to finish all scenes by the end of 2021. You can check out his work in the slideshow below. (Text continues below slideshow)

It is not the first time that Ujdur recreated Croatia under Roman Rule. In February, he released a video of a 3D model of the ancient city of Zadar, local news platform Morski reported. You can watch the video, which took six months to make, below.

This news was brought to our attention by European Heritage Youth Ambassador Hana Kohout.

Source: Dalmacija danas (Croatian) and Morski (Croatian)

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