The mačkula
The mačkula. Image: Public Institution of Krka National Park

Croatian artillery weapon found at Krka National Park

During conservation works on the Nečven medieval fortress in Krka National Park in Croatia, archaeologists discovered a powerful 17th and 18th centuries artillery weapon: a mačkula.

On its website, the Public Institution of Kra National Park explained: “The extraordinarily conserved bronze specimen, precursor of today’s mortar, was used to invade fortified settlements and ennemies in deep cover. Mačkula (mortar, merzer) is a weapon that holds a special place in the Croatian warrior heritage. During the traditional manifestation Sinjska alka, every goal u sridu (in the middle) is celebrated by a shot from the mačkula.”

Nella Slavica, Director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park, said: “The mačkula is another valuable finding that will complete the Krka National Park archaeological collection and contribute to the valorisation of the cultural and historical heritage of our region.”

Source: Public Institution of Kra National Park.

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