European Heritage Days 2021 in Brussels

From mid-August to early November, thousands of “Open Heritage” Events have taken place across Europe during the European Heritage Days 2021″. Take a look at one of the short video impressions of those Events: the LGBTQI tour in Brussels.

Alma Hoekstra and Menora Tse travelled to Brussels and accompanied Marian Lens on her walk through the city’s centre. Under the name ‘L-tours’, Marian organizes Lesbian and Rainbow tours in Brussels. The guided tour takes the visitors along the lesbian and gay hotspots where the LBGTQI+ history of Brussels was written.

European Heritage Days

The rainbow tours were well-attended during the European Heritage Days and are entirely in line with the theme of the European Heritage Days 2021: Heritage All-Inclusive!

Marian wants to show that the city also has many stories from groups within the population that weren’t always heard.

Armed with panels with pictures and texts, Marian tells the stories to whoever wants to hear them. All kinds of people, families and children, from all cultures walk with her to watch and listen. After such a tour, the city has changed; the tour added a new layer of meaning.

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Heritage is, above all, human heritage; it is not just about the stones but about the stories that can be told.

Marian Lens
Marian Lens, L-Tour Brussels

Filmed by local volunteers

This is one of five video reports on the European Heritage Days 2021. The reports are filmed by young local volunteers in Serbia, Cyprus, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The five reports are a part of a scalable pilot project that provides insights into how the European Heritage Days are celebrated throughout Europe.

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The European Heritage Days are happening every year from mid-August to early November in the 50 countries party to European Cultural Convention.

Every year millions of people attend the European Heritage Days.