Belgian research explores paths for protection of comics heritage

Tintin and his dog Snowy, by Hergé
Tintin and his dog Snowy, by Hergé Image: Belamp (wikimedia)

Comics are known to be an integral part of Belgian culture. The country played an important role in their development, houses a significant number of comics festivals and offers several educational programs for comic book writers. It bears no surprise that the art form has produced a lot of material and stories during its existence, which has grown to become important heritage of it’s culture.

During an international conference this month, a number of institutions presented the results of research contemplating the future of policy to preserve comics heritage. The research proposes to start a new Comics Heritage centre, which would aid in collecting, preserving and safeguarding, researching, presenting and guiding and participating.

It also proposes to strengthen the existing network of organisations and actors in the field of comics and heritage and come to agreements in preservation and communication.

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